Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
26 Drains Construction of 600mm size CC drain to the Vangayagudem main road from irrigation culvert towards west in 21st division 15/10/2016 21st division
27 Roads Providing CC road to the cross road in Kobbarithota area in 19th division 08/08/2016 19th division
28 Drains Construction of CC drain from Ganuga street to Ambedkar statue in 19 th division 12/08/2016 19th division
29 Drains Providing CC drain at Grandhi Balakrisha house and CC road at Kotha Venkata Subbarao house road in 16th division. 16th division
30 Water supply Providing Water supply distribution pipe lines from chenchu colony SR to Goods shed road and Municipal school road in Panndurangapuram in 2nd division and Providing Interconnections in 2nd LT road 16/06/2016 2nd division
31 Drains Providing CC Out fall drain at Rajeev Gruhakalpa colony in Gollayagudem in 21st division 25/08/2016 21st division
32 Water supply Providing inter connections arrangements to ASR stadium road to Yetigattu and Alexander ELE school road in Lakshvarapupeta and providing 200mm dia CL distribution pipe l ine on Baily bridge in 2nd division 18/08/2016 2nd division
33 Drains Construction of out fall drain from Chintalapudi main road to Chodidibba water tank in 45th division 23/08/2016 45th division
34 Roads Providing CC road to Ramakrishnapuram main road from ramalayam to Flyover bridge in 22nd division 26/07/2016 22nd division
35 Building Consturction of Medical dispensary at ganganamma municipal school in 18th division 30/06/2016 18th division
36 BT Road Bt works at various places in 1st division. 01/07/2015 500