Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 Drains Construction of CC drain,Culvert and CC patches,road at gowri devi temple Motepalli vari veedhi,Mekaraja Street, Amam Simhachalam and razak street in 10th division 10/11/2016 10th division
2 Others Construction of Compound wall to Urban Health centre at Lambadi peta in 5th division 10/11/2016 5th division
3 Desilting of drains Removal of Silt from Outfall main drain from HP Gas godown to Via Palathumu centre upto Chirangeevi bus shelter in Municipal Corporation 15/05/2016 14th and 15th divisions
4 Desilting of drains Removal of silt from DMHO Office to Jalipudi drain and MRC Gowdown to Lashvarapu peta culvert and Adhivarapupeta Main road to Lakshavarapupeta main road in Municipal Corporation, Eluru 20/06/2016 2nd 47th
5 Desilting of drains Removal of silt in Jangareddygudem main drain bothsides from chruch towards yetigattu and Mutta Koneru drain upto Jangareddygudem main drain 30/06/2016 38th 38th 50th divisions
6 Desilting of drains Removal Silt for existing drains from 33rd and 43rd divisions in Municipal Corporation limits 15/08/2016 33rd and 43rd divisions
7 Desilting of drains Desilting from 1)Brundhavan park Culvert to yetigattu in 28th and 32nd divisions 2)Ganganamma temple to Ashokvardhan School in 28th division 03/06/2016 28th and 32nd divisions
8 Desilting of drains Desilting from 1)Tondam Kaluva junction 5th LT road to Alluri Seeta Rama Raju Centre in 35th division 2)5th LT road to Balayogi Bridge in 35th division 3)from 5th LT road to Yetigattu in 30th division 30/05/2016 30th and 35th division
9 Desilting of drains Desilting from 1) 4th LT road DCC Bank to Dr Prabhavathi Hosptial in 27,32,34 & 35th division 2) BC Hosptial to NTR Statue in 27th division 3) BKL road to 4th LT road in 35th division various divisions
10 Outfall drains Construction of outfall drain for kabadigudem from Uma nagar upto existing culvert in Jangareddy gudem road in 50th division. 30/08/2016 50th division
11 Outfall drains Construction of out fall drain from existing culvert at shadikhana upto the existing culvert at Lakshvarapupeta main road and along north side of R & B road from existing culvert at Lakshvarapupeta main road to jalipudi drain in 2nd division. 2nd division
12 Roads Providing CC road at D.S.P Nageswararao House road in 24th division(sc area) 30/10/2016 24th division
13 Outfall drains Construction of out fall drain at adarsha nagar main road in 24th division. 15/06/2016 24th division
14 Outfall drains Construction of outfall drain in front of new Bus stand along GNT road in Narasimha rao pet in 26th division 30/10/2016 26th division
15 Drains Providing CC drain from sanivarapu peta Cause way to NGO colony main road in 27th division 26/05/2016 27th division
16 Roads Providing BT road at Ashok pillar to towards Gas Godown and Yetigattu to Flyover in 28th division 30/10/2016 28th division
17 Roads Providing CC roads at Adarsh nagar 6th road at 24th division 24th division
18 Drains Construction of cc drain in Powerpeta in 43rd division. 15/08/2016 43rd division
19 Roads Providing CC road in internal lanes of yadava nagar and zanda chettu area in 40th division. 15/11/2016 40th division
20 Roads Providing of CC road and drains at various places in 38th division . 25/12/2016 38th division
21 Building Construction of Community hall Ground floor and first floor near Dr.Baba Jagajeevan ram Statue at Madepalli road in 9th division 20/12/2016 9th division
22 Roads Construction of CC road from Main bazar road to Jai sri Hotel road at Pachari shops Market in 6th division. 02/09/2016 6th division
23 Outfall drains Construction of out fall drain from Kaikaluru bye pass to Venkanna tank burial ground in 11th & 14th division 30/10/2016 11th and 14th divisions
24 Water supply Replacement of 160mm dia OD HDPE water supply distribution pipeline to 160mm PVC 110mm dia PVC & AC distribution pipeline at Dr Usaf Hospital to PapaShaheb road at 8th division 20/10/2016 8th division
25 CC roads Providing CC road and CC drain to the Ist cross road in Rajeev gruhakalpa in 21st division 12/09/2016 21st division